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Your First Visit

On your initial visit to Gergovich Family Chiropractic, you will need to fill out our intake forms which you can download and print here. Next, Dr. Mike will discuss your health history and reason for your visit during a private consultation with you. An exam will be performed and if necessary, x-rays will be taken. Based on your presenting condition, an adjustment may be given on the first day. 

Your Second Visit

On your second visit, Dr. Mike will go over your x-ray results in detail with you privately and an adjustment will be performed. We will discuss your individualized care plan as well as your insurance benefits or limitations.

Regular Visits

Your first and second visits to the office do require extra time in order to take your x-rays and learn as much as we can about your health history. However, after these initial visits, a typical visit can be anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes. Your time is valuable so we do everything we can to make sure appointments run on schedule. 


Call us today to make your appointment: (815) 223-0647.

Office Hours
Office Hours

Monday           9am - 12pm, 2 - 6pm
Tuesday          2 - 6pm
Wednesday     9am - 12pm, 2 - 6pm
Thursday         Closed
Friday              9am - 12pm, 2 - 5pm
Saturday         Closed
Sunday            Closed

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