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Gergovich Family Chiropractic

130 3rd Street

LaSalle, IL 61301

(815) 223-0647


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9am - 12pm, 2 - 6pm


By Appointment


9am - 12pm, 2 - 6pm


By Appointment


9am - 12pm, 2 - 6pm


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(815) 223-0647

Wayne S.
"Great staff and very efficient. Very relaxed atmosphere."
Mary S.
"Before starting Chiropractic care, my hip hurt so bad I had to use a cane and had trouble going up and down stairs because my hands were always numb. This is the best choice I could have ever made. I can move much better and everyone here is very helpful."
Sheri C.
"Dr. Mike has done such an amazing job getting me straightened out. Since beginning Chiropractic care I am able to lift, bend and work without pain. Life is good."
Mario V.
"Great staff. Always accommodating."
Jacob F.
"Since beginning Chiropractic care, my pain has gone away at work and while sleeping and working out. Everyone is so nice here and makes you feel like family."
Kim V.
"Had horrible low + mid back pain with muscle spasms. Had to commute 3 hours a day on a train + bus dealing with this pain. Couldn't run of play golf. After beginning Chiropractic care, my low back pain is completely gone - I am now running and playing golf again. Dr. Mike was wonderful - very caring with a terrific bedside manner. He really cares about your back health!"
Paul S.
"In April of 2008, I received a crushing injury to both my knees, starting a violent chain reaction of pills, surgery and a heart problem. I had a total lack of mobility and increasing pain in both knees. Since seeing Dr. Mike, I can actually walk again. I still use a cane from time to time but the pain is almost completely gone. I have increased movement and a better degree of life."
Laurie F.
"I slipped and fell at work. It was a debilitating injury where no doctor could find out what was wrong with me including orthopedic surgeons and neurologists, as well as pain specialists. I tried every test involving my leg pain: venus dopplers, CT scans, MRIs and steroid injections on 3 different occasions to no avail. After starting Chiropractic care, my leg pain has disappeared almost completely. I can walk up and down stairs without holding on. I can sleep without tossing all night from pain. I have completely stopped my pain medicine. Dr. Mike has changed my quality of life in a short amount of time. He encourages me in making healthy decisions in eating, working out, etc. I am forever grateful."
Ady S.
"I started Chiropractic care because I had overall back pain, jaw pain and hip discomfort. It was challenging to sleep, I'd have to get up and use ice packs for pain. After seeing Dr. Mike, I experienced immediate results. I was pain free after my adjustments. Dr. Mike is so personable and caring. I felt how much he genuinely care about my family's well-being. I want to say thank you to Dr. Mike for improving the quality of my family's life."
Office Hours

Monday           9am - 12pm, 2 - 6pm

Tuesday          2 - 6pm

Wednesday     9am - 12pm, 2 - 6pm

Thursday         By Appointment

Friday              9am - 12pm, 2 - 6pm

Saturday         By Appointment

Sunday            Closed

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